Al “Trunk” Mahoney, Defensive Line (First & Ten series, Book 6)

Jean C.

“Trunk” Mahoney’s wife, Mary, has just informed him by text message that she is divorcing him. He knew things weren’t good, but had no clue they were that bad. With his wife gone and his furniture with her, he drowns his sorrows at The Savage Beast, his favorite watering hole.  The owner, Carla, is a friend, and she suggests that Trunk stay in the the spare bedroom of her apartment over the bar.  Carla has secretly been in love with Trunk for the past two years, but he was off limits. Now everything has changed.  Neither of them has any idea what this living arrangement is going to lead to, but sparks fly as soon as he unpacks his things. 


This could have been a difficult book to follow, with the vast number of active characters in its roster, but Ms. Joachim smoothly leads the reader through the team, introducing them each individually. The characters have depth to them - except for Mary. She is an important player, but she falls flat in each of her appearances.  The story itself is not unique because it is a sports book and has a lot of the same football game talk in it that others do. This novel did, however, hold the reader’s interest and it was a real page turner. It was also nice how this novel segues into the following novel, so it has it’s happily ever after, along with a delicious taste of what’s to come.


Belinda Wilson