The Emperor’s Concubine

New Adult

POST APOCALYPTIC:  It is graduation day for Ocean and her friends, Danika and Sol. This is the day that they will get their assignments for jobs in the city. Only this time, another job has been added: concubines for the emperor and the city magistrates. No one can protest or they will be put to immediate death for treason. This is life in the city of Imram, a domed city where only the few survivors of the apocalypse are gathered. No one is allowed to speak of the world as it once was. The emperor is all powerful and has enforcers who will carry out his every whim. Ocean and Sol have only one objective, and that is to escape Imram.


"The Emperor's Concubine" is a fast-paced fantasy that grips the reader from the opening chapter! The four main characters are well written and they all have great depth. With this depth comes baggage and damage, that become more apparent as the novel moves along. The main blemish on the face of this piece is that there are many grammatical errors, including missing words, and wrong tenses being used. Overlooking this, the novel keeps one on their toes as the main characters avoid enforcers in their passage to freedom. This book would be highly enjoyed by fans of “The Dome” and other such Sci-Fi works.


Belinda Wilson