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Pride and Butterflies
Franky A.

CHICK-LIT:  Caralyn Sharp is experiencing the worst day of her life when she meets the man of her dreams, Alex Garrison. The crazy in her life has only just begun. As PR Manager for entrepreneur and notorious playboy Brad Cole, she has her work cut out for her.

Jenny Cohen is used to being independent and in control of her life and although she wouldn't mind having Mr. Right around, her career has kept her too busy to find him.

PARANORMAL:  The brave Princess Daria of Gaia seeks the hand of Danton Pontefract, the son of the vile Lord Commodus Pontefract, in order to save her home - even if it comes at the cost of her heart.

Lizzie Bennett has had a mysterious past that she hopes to one day unravel by discovering the identity of her mother, and why she left her to be raised in a convent. After the death of her husband things in her life take a left turn into chaos when a dark entity begins to fo

It's 1934 and with prohibition over, FBI agent Michael Flynn can now unofficially focus on finding his good friend John O'Malley's lost sister. He gets a lucky break when he is sent to find a female thief who he suspects might be Eryn.