Heir of Pendel (A Pandoran Novel #4)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  The brave Princess Daria of Gaia seeks the hand of Danton Pontefract, the son of the vile Lord Commodus Pontefract, in order to save her home - even if it comes at the cost of her heart. The betrothal guarantees the support of Orinidor with men to fight against Eris, her evil uncle, who will destroy this world if he is not stopped. Alexander Del Conte, the true love of her life, is somewhere out there building an army of his own with a secret that he has guarded even from Daria. They have many trials yet to face but the one thing that urges him on is the chance to reach her before it is too late. When all seems lost there is still a beacon of hope in the true prince when the last of the Estroian line is discovered, but can he defeat Eris?


The plot set out in "Heir of Pendel" truly thickens with each chapter and the introduction of a vast variety of enchanting characters. Daria and Alexander's love story is of a fairy tale-style, adding such charm. The infusion of modern and human touches adds a small imbalance that is most likely remedied by reading the first three books of this series. The good over evil, magic, creatures such as dragons and fantasy favorites just keep this story alive and kicking.


This epic fantasy transports the reader to distant worlds and planets with all kinds of mystical creatures that co-exist with magic, portals, war and a love story. Not a page is turned that will not capture one's attention and enrapture the reader.  YA and non-YA fantasy enthusiasts alike will enjoy this series and should certainly make this one to read.


Margaret Faria