Pride and Butterflies

Franky A.

CHICK-LIT:  Caralyn Sharp is experiencing the worst day of her life when she meets the man of her dreams, Alex Garrison. The crazy in her life has only just begun. As PR Manager for entrepreneur and notorious playboy Brad Cole, she has her work cut out for her. So much so that she jeopardizes her friendships, family relationships and the possible relationship with Alex. When a PR nightmare begins to brew she must make a choice between what's right and what's wrong. Staying true to herself and following her instincts prove to be a lot harder than she anticipated but she soon realizes that losing Alex is a far greater risk that she is not willing to take.


Caralyn Sharp sits right along sides of such wonderful zany characters as Becky Bloomwood and Bridget Jones while keeping her head held high! The right amount of funny, feisty, stubborn, and adorable spills over onto each page. Alex is an absolute gentleman, patient, kind and irresistibly sexy - just the kind of book boyfriend that one will swoon over. Their initial encounter is hilarious and as their romance blossoms the reader easily falls in love too. It is evident very early on that both Caralyn and Alex are a winning combination along with a wonderful story that is enjoyable from the first word to the last. With each new situation and character introduced, it is effortless and a sheer delight to read!


Margaret Faria