Summer's Family Affair (Music City Hearts #3)


Jenny Cohen is used to being independent and in control of her life and although she wouldn't mind having Mr. Right around, her career has kept her too busy to find him. That is, until a business project with architect Craig Stone has her quickly falling head over heels. When things get complicated between them, she is unsure if her heart is ready to handle it. To make matters worse, a work colleague she has no interest in is refusing to take no for an answer. Her life is spiraling out of control and Jenny is wondering if possibly letting go of the reigns is the answer or will it be her destruction.


The initial introduction and characters are somewhat hard to keep track of and Jenny and Craig's chemistry is slow to really excite.  Craig is perceptive and smart while Jenny is strong but gentle, offering a really nice balance. A number of delectable and steamy intimate scenes that draw the reader further into their complex relationship really gains them some points. A few interesting characters that were not fully explored leaves a small amount of wanting yet the continued reading pays off with a wonderfully touching story of two people trying to come together in the face of life's obstacles. 


Margaret Faria