The Enchanted One: The Ravenwood Trilogy 


Lizzie Bennett has had a mysterious past that she hopes to one day unravel by discovering the identity of her mother, and why she left her to be raised in a convent. After the death of her husband things in her life take a left turn into chaos when a dark entity begins to follow her. Salvation appears when Gideon, a guardian of the order of the triple goddess, swears to protect her. But when Gideon defies the rules by falling in love with her it jeopardizes their success so Lizzie takes matters into her own hands and seeks the demon herself. The risk seems far greater than the reward until she discovers that her past has been guiding her all along.


Lizzie begins with a tragic story that gets more and more tragic as the story goes on; yet she carries a presence that connects with the reader throughout. Unfortunately Gideon does not. He lurks between being quite captivating and nonexistent. Their romance is brief and not compelling and leaves much to be desired. The order, Lizzie's past and her unexplained powers along with her introduction to a women's shelter are interesting features, but it's slow to progress and gets trapped in the mundane details so that it becomes somewhat of a letdown. The story veers off in many directions and leaves some lesser characters and events unexplored that might have otherwise added much interest. With a number of highs and lows it will keep one guessing and for many, intrigued enough to see it to the end. 


Margaret Faria