The Gangster's Woman (Love is a Dangerous Thing #2)


It's 1934 and with prohibition over, FBI agent Michael Flynn can now unofficially focus on finding his good friend John O'Malley's lost sister. He gets a lucky break when he is sent to find a female thief who he suspects might be Eryn. What he hadn't bargained on was falling in love and being caught in a web of deceit when notorious gangster Eddie Killian is hot on her trail as well. Will he find out that there is too much in her past for him to forgive and forget and will he just be taken in for a fool like all the others before him?


Sparks take their time to fly between Michael and Eryn. Things move at a very slow pace initially and their romance is not completely convincing. However, when they do finally reach that level of a believable connection it is hot, hot, hot! Things begin to move quickly and with excitement and their personal stories come alive. Their first dance could be in the hall of fame of dreamy first dances. Michael is strong and sexy while Eryn's situation gains the readers sympathy. Some emotionally charged moments with action and excitement makes it well worth devoting the time to read it. An enjoyable step back into the 1930's!


Margaret Faria