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When Rachel Fallon inherits her grandmother’s property she experiences something strange in the library, but chalks it up to nerves.

Soulmate, Soulmate #1

PARANORMAL:  Rachel Masterson was born with two souls - her own and one who named himself Rider. Rachel knows he’s real, but everyone else thinks he’s her imaginary friend. Insisting on his existence ostracizes her from her peers.

Illusions of Death

Karilyn Campbell is successful crime writer and a disappointment to her literary giant of a father.  After years of estrangement she is forced to return home after she learns that her father has suffered a massive stroke and may

HISTORICAL:  Lord Arik has risked his life to rescue Rebeka from her prison in the 21st Century.  Now finally home in their own time, they have married and are preparin

Cameron Sinclair has done pretty well for himself in this world.  As a billionaire and the head of one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, he can afford to turn his back on his shifter heritage.  That is, until he