Illusions of Death


Karilyn Campbell is successful crime writer and a disappointment to her literary giant of a father.  After years of estrangement she is forced to return home after she learns that her father has suffered a massive stroke and may die.  

Logan Warner is a loner, still mourning the death of his young twins after they were murdered by the infamous serial killer named Carson Miller. Now a small town cop, it is his duty to assist Broderick Campbell when he collapses on the street, but meeting Karilyn has reawakened feelings that he thought were forever dead. However, a psychopath dubbed the Rainbow Killer plagues his small town and has Karilyn in his sights.  Together they must race against time to stop the Rainbow Killer, using Karilyn’s intuition and Logan’s street smarts.

“Illusions of Death” is a smart and fast-paced thriller.  Ms. Linwood infuses the story with clues from the killer’s point of view, preserving his anonymity while giving fascinating insight into the mind of a deranged psychopath.  Campbell and Warner’s chemistry is realistic and not just confined to the bedroom. The story had some passages which were overly expositional, giving sometimes needless background information about the characters which did not advance the plot.  Fortunately, these passages were few and far between and overall the writing was excellent. This well-crafted page turner will keep the reader hooked from beginning to end!

Gwenellen Tarbet.