Knight of Rapture (Druid Knights #2)

Ruth A.

HISTORICAL:  Lord Arik has risked his life to rescue Rebeka from her prison in the 21st Century.  Now finally home in their own time, they have married and are preparing to settle down on their estate.  Arik’s evil brother Bran has other ideas, and lures Rebeka into the final time portal before Arik can stop him.  Arik will stop at nothing to return to the woman he loves.  However, time may prove to be an insurmountable barrier - even for his formidable Druidic powers.


“Knight of Rapture” is a story with great potential that uses the plot device of time travel to great effect. This should allow for interesting character development between its main characters. Unfortunately this remains a lost opportunity for both the author and readers. 

Lord Arik takes the 21st Century in stride with no uncertainty or fear of the almost overwhelming differences between his own time and the modern one.  Indeed, most of the characters in the book accept the concept of their own time travel with disconcerting and unbelievable ease.  It would have been more interesting to see Lord Arik fumble a little bit with the modern world, challenging preconceived notions of character and rendering the plot less predictable. Ms. Casie has the talent and imagination to challenge the conventions of the historical/paranormal genre, to stop holding back and let her imagination and talent run wild!

Gwenellen Tarbet