When Rachel Fallon inherits her grandmother’s property she experiences something strange in the library, but chalks it up to nerves. While digging for information on her grandmother’s death she’s accosted by Mythic Warden Nick Hunter who provides her with proof that her world is not what she has believed. She’s even more shocked to learn there are other realities, or splinters, that exist alongside hers. However, an immediate threat is the vampire who crossed from Nick’s splinter and murdered her grandmother, the Riftkeeper. With his sights set firmly on Rachel and her inherent power, she needs to shed her magick novice status real quick and in a hurry or be vulnerable to his eternal kiss. 


Magick, mythics, and mayhem! It’s all in a day’s work to those who protect their splinters. Putting a different spin on the paranormal, Ms. Raine has penned a respectable debut novel. "Splinter" is a pleasing blend of action, dialogue and narrative spiced up with drama, tension, steaminess and sprinkled liberally with humor. It has the reader drooling with anticipation for the author to brew up more stories in this fascinating world of magick and mythics. The characters have depth aplenty, the world building is sound and the plot marches forward at a steady pace, but not without a few hitches. The only stumbles belong to Rachel as she succumbs to the occasional trite fault of mulishness, putting herself in unnecessary danger in order to advance the plot. In addition, a final editing should catch the occasional error, and render this tale magickal!


Carol Conley