Soulmate, Soulmate #1

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Rachel Masterson was born with two souls - her own and one who named himself Rider. Rachel knows he’s real, but everyone else thinks he’s her imaginary friend. Insisting on his existence ostracizes her from her peers. The only one who believes in Rider is her best friend Paige. When 15-year-old Rachel’s dad is transferred to Indianapolis, she thinks she may have a chance to toss off the mantle of crazy girl and live a normal life. Things are looking up for her with new school, new friends, and even a boyfriend, but then tragedy strikes. Will she be able to live with the decision that ultimately led to the loss of her soulmate?


This adorable YA novel puts a new spin on souls and what might happen to them in the event of death. Rachel and Rider have two distinct personalities even though they share the same body and their voices are clear. Secondary characters could use some polish, but add entertainment and depth. Rachel’s actions are those of a stereotypical teen which may disappoint the reader, but still manage to add dramatic tension. The biggest stumbling block of the story is the beginning. The voices and observations of both Rider and Rachel are far too advanced for their relative ages, and stretch the bounds of believability much too thin. A third-person omniscient narration may have been a better choice to relay the start of Rachel and Rider’s joined life. With a few changes this tale would be plentiful enough to feed more than one soul.


Carol Conley