The Reluctant Alpha (Highland Wolf Clan #1)


Cameron Sinclair has done pretty well for himself in this world.  As a billionaire and the head of one of the largest and most successful companies in the world, he can afford to turn his back on his shifter heritage.  That is, until he is commanded home by his Alpha father.  The Highland Wolf Pack is in trouble and it is Cameron’s duty to help save it.  Reluctantly Cameron returns to the world he has left.


A.K. Michaels’ prose is strong and easy to read.  Unfortunately, Highland Wolf Clan is populated by males who spend most of their time growling aggressively and females who spend most of their time in the kitchen.  The novel makes women everywhere glad they are not a part of the shifter-world. One wishes that the author had spent more time researching pack behavior among wolves before writing “Highland Wolf Clan”. Filled with clichéd and one-dimensional characters, the story has little new to offer the genre.

Issues such as domestic abuse and child pornography are mere plot devices in this novel without any deeper look into the ramifications and emotional toll that such actions impose.  Additionally, the story ends so abruptly that the reader is taken aback. Given Ms. Michael’s obvious talent, ability and intelligence, readers can hope these problems will not occur in the next book and look forward to it with anticipation.

Gwenellen Tarbet