Reviews - Audiobooks

The Pet Sitter's Tale
Laura Vorreyer
Narrator: Laura Vorreyer

MEMOIR/NON-FICTION:  With over fifteen years of experience as pet sitter to some of Southern California’s most elite society members, Laura Vorreyer has plenty of stories to share. “The Pet Sitter’s Tale” is a collection of short stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching.

Leader of Titans
Kathryn Le Veque
Narrator: Brian Gill

HISTORICAL:  Constantine le Brecque is the bastard son of King Henry V. Raised in secret to protect him from the king’s enemies, he’s always known his royal blood is more curse than blessing. He is known as the pirate “Leader of Titans,” and he’s quite the womanizer.

Can Dreams Come True? (Cecily Taylor Series: Book 1)
Krysten Lindsay Hager,
Narrator: Nicole Blessing

YOUNG ADULT:  Cecily Taylor has always had a crush on singer Andrew Holiday. When he comes to her hometown to film a music video, she cannot pass up the opportunity to audition for a part as an extra. Who would want an ordinary girl next door to be the star? Apparently Andrew Holiday. He is more than happy to give her all of his attention, leaving her boyfriend Zach more than a little jealous.

Spirits of the Heart
Claire Gem,
Narrator: Cheyenne Bizon

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  Laura Horton is an addiction counselor who returns from college to live with an old friend and begin her career. What her friend failed to tell her, however, was that the living situation had some last minute changes—mainly that her friend was moving out, and her now ex-boyfriend was remaining in the house.

Father Divine's Bikes
Steve Bassett
Narrator: George Kuch

CRIME:  There is an entire cast of characters populating this book set in Newark, New Jersey circa 1945.  The title comes from a con-man bookie who runs numbers for the mob under the guise of managing teenagers' paper routes.  There is a turf war brewing between the Clarion and the Beacon newspapers — with the money to be made from the routes and from the numbers game.  Two young teens are caug