Reviews - Audiobooks

SUSPENSE/TECHNO THRILLER:  When a group of unknown power-hungry chaos-mongers decides to manipulate the stock market to the point of creating global economic destruction, the R-Group is assigned the task of finding them. But the R-Group may have met their match, as the unknown schemers are just as good—if not better—at finding information as they are.

Bombshell: A What Doesn’t Kill You World Romantic Mystery (Ava Book 1)
Pamela Fagan Hutchins
Narrator: Chante McCormick

MYSTERY:  Single mom Ava Butler is sexy, intelligent, and unemployed. There aren’t many jobs on her small Virgin Island, so she feels lucky when a temp job opens up — only on her first day, she finds the dead body of a young woman she knew from her days at the local Catholic school. Distrustful of local law enforcement, she vows to make sure the girl is not forgotten.

The Earl of Sunderland
Aubrey Wynne
Narrator: Kevin Archer

HISTORICAL/REGENCY:  Lady Grace Beaumont is fiercely independent, and has been since the age of 15, when her mother died after giving birth to a son.  She is well-educated and has a modicum of freedom that other young ladies of her station rarely experience.  Christopher (Kit) Roker is a younger twin and a military man, who has distinguished himself in the war against Napoleon.  His older twin

Beautiful Fury

Katherine E. Hamilton
Narrator: Chelsea Carpenter

CONTEMPORARY:  Caroline Pritchard is the gallery director for The Daulton Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She is searching for the artist responsible for creating beautiful glass artwork but isn’t having any luck.  All she knows is that the artist is a man and that he goes by the initials F.

Love’s Journey Home
C.A. Simonson,
Narrator: Peter Kendall

YOUNG ADULT/INSPIRATIONAL:  Growing up Frank has had a rough life, with an abusive father and then later abandonment; he has a lot to sort through. He is just starting to figure out how to decipher right from wrong when he meets Anne. “Love’s Journey Home” is a tale of hope and redemption when it seems impossible.