Can Dreams Come True? (Cecily Taylor Series: Book 1)

Krysten Lindsay Hager,
Narrator: Nicole Blessing

YOUNG ADULT:  Cecily Taylor has always had a crush on singer Andrew Holiday. When he comes to her hometown to film a music video, she cannot pass up the opportunity to audition for a part as an extra. Who would want an ordinary girl next door to be the star? Apparently Andrew Holiday. He is more than happy to give her all of his attention, leaving her boyfriend Zach more than a little jealous. When they break up, Andrew is there to pick up the pieces — but can a major rock star ever truly love an ordinary girl?

Krysten Lindsay Hager has created a fun and lighthearted coming of age story that both teens and adults can appreciate. Cecily is an average girl that most listeners will be able to relate to, and Andrew is a dream come true. Watching them grow together is part of the joy of the story, especially at the end when both discover who they truly are. Zach, the boyfriend, is a little too easy to hate, and many of the frenemies are a little stereotypical. That being said, the way they are used to illustrate Cecily’s journey is still impactful.

Nicole Blessing has a lovely voice. Her narration is a bit oddly paced, however. Much of the book sounds rushed, and many of the side characters blend together, making it hard to tell who is speaking when. Her characterizations of Cecily and Andrew are very well done, however, and she is able to capture all of the emotional moments of the story well.

“Can Dreams Really Come True?” is a wonderful novel for those who love cute, adorable romances. With elements of romantic comedy and teen drama, it’s a well-balanced story that will leave listeners feeling good throughout!

Chelsea Andersen