The Pet Sitter's Tale

Laura Vorreyer
Narrator: Laura Vorreyer

MEMOIR/NON-FICTION:  With over fifteen years of experience as pet sitter to some of Southern California’s most elite society members, Laura Vorreyer has plenty of stories to share. “The Pet Sitter’s Tale” is a collection of short stories that are sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, and sometimes heart wrenching. Starting from the bottom and working her way to the top, Laura shares her business building “dos and don’ts” along with a number of personal vignettes in this tender memoir.

“The Pet Sitter’s Tale” begins as a charming memoir about the author’s life as a pet sitter. She shares her journey from before and how she got the idea to start a pet sitting business in the first place. Her stories are indeed funny and heartwarming as she goes through her successes and numerous personal betrayals in her journey. For the most part, all of the stories are solid and to the point. Toward the end, however, the stories begin to lose focus. Every so often a story will take a long tangent, guiding the listener away from the story’s original point. The final story is so vague and open ended it feels more like a prelude to a bigger tale than an ending. In contrast, the stories at the beginning are fuller and better constructed as well as fascinating and sometimes hilarious.

Read by the author, Laura gives a stunning, personal, narration. Each emotion from her journey is lived through again, and the listener is brought into the moment with her. She has a vibrant and loving personality, making it like listening to the stories of a best friend. 

Overall, this book is recommended for those who love memoirs. A fun uplifting listen!

Chelsea Andersen