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Luke Chance has ambition.  He wants to be more than a ranch hand, but first he must prove that he is responsible and trustworthy.  It doesn’t help that he keeps getting into brawls at the town’s bar and brothel.  Nope, the only t

SCI-FI/STEAMPUNK:  Demons rule the world and they have turned it into a biblical version of Hell.  Smoke obliterates the sun and the green of the earth has given way to vast dunes of sand and scorched earth.  

Bethany Anne Littleton does her best to keep her spirits up in the face of the abuse she suffers at the hands of her Aunt and Uncle.  Pushed to her limits by their mean-spirited barbs, she flees to the woods to enjoy a brief respite.  He

SCI-FI:  The Twelve Systems are maintained by a miracle ore known as Vistrite, whose properties power their technology.  The Serengetti Cartel’s leader, Lucius, fights for control of this precious ore using any means at his dispo

PARANORMAL:  The first day of high school is hard for any teenager – especially if one is a teenaged demon-slaying angel.  Lucia is one such angel who has been tasked, along with her brother Zack and her uncle Davin, to root out