Cloaked: A Wulfkin Legacy Novella (The Wulfkin Legacy #0.5)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Daciana has one year away from her shifter clan to experience the human world.  Thrilled with her opportunity to work as an animal behaviorist, she is devastated when her bear cub charges are stolen and the eyes of the law turn to her as a suspect. In this case, the sexy piercing eyes belong to Inspector Connell Lonescu.  He knows that there is something that Daciana is hiding, and solving mysteries is his job.  Thrown together they must work to save the cub’s lives and fight the intense heat of passion that threatens to engulf their very souls.


“Cloaked” is a story charged with sexual tension and passion.  What it lacks is a story that is complete in and of itself.  It assumes that the reader is familiar with the previous novellas in the series and leaves the first time reader confused as to the context in which Danciana views the world. The story takes place in Eastern Europe; a fact that can easily be missed by the reader as the dialogue and backdrop of the story could be transplanted to “Anywhere USA’” without affecting the story.

Ms. Walsh’s strengths lie in her strong characters and well-written dialogue.  She understands the nature of passion and does not rely on old tired clichés to create sexual heat between the characters.  She needs to be more generous with her considerable talents and give her readers a complete story.

Gwenellen Tarbet