The truth shall set you free!  At least, that’s Caitlin Sparks’ mantra after the seasoned reporter stumbles upon a murder scene, and sets out to be the lead scoop with the only behind the scenes access.  However, former Seal turned detective Blake Madison has a new set of rules…  no media. As the two butt heads to solve the multiple homicides that keep stacking up they discover that “sparks” isn’t just a surname, but the description of their building relationship.  Can they solve the crime before more bodies are added to the coroner's table, or will they be the next in line for an autopsy?

A brilliant start for a new mystery series! While hidden political agendas are not new, this is an original tale of deceit and lies embroiled in state, federal and local law enforcement and the never-ending job for journalists to capture the truth and share it. This is an excellent presentation of a whodunit with an easy to follow flow that keeps this installment moving forward.  The details give this book a wonderful feel of detailed research and the author’s ability to paint multiple layers that give the depth needed.  Readers will find themselves turning pages and not wanting to put the book down.  Both Caitlin and Blake are solid characters with exceptional complexity that will have readers sighing with contentment at the intricacy of both the plot as well as their relationship. Readers will not be disappointed with the purchase of this smart romance/mystery series.

Jordyn Teel