Foundation (A Golden Beach Novella)


After Grace McConnell and Drew Tensley’s wedding they are ready to settle down to happily-ever-after, but life doesn’t always turn out the way they expect.  The ghosts of their pasts refuse to stay that way and pose problems as the new couple try to navigate everyday stresses compounded by a pregnancy and cultural differences.  Will they allow their lives to be overshadowed by former relationships and complications or will they manage to form a closer bond?

A steamy, realistic glimpse into newlyweds, “Foundation” is a perfect poolside read for vacationers. A contemporary romance that plays out in England and east coast of the USA, this novella is a companion piece to the author's Golden Beach series. 

Drew and Grace are portrayed as deeply in love, but they've let life get in the way of their relationship.  From sleeping on the couch to social media interference with face-to-face interactions (as so many relationships are plagued with in today’s society), it is an excellent example of true life.  However, as well written and quick paced as the novella is, this installment holds elements that readers will only find in the original installments.  One may come away scratching one’s head and be somewhat frustrated at being in the dark, therefore it’s not a standalone.  This short read packs enough steam readers will avidly seek out the previous installments.

Jordyn Teel