Shifted Under Construction (Bad Boy Alphas)


Harper Mattox has had enough of bad boys, but that doesn’t stop her from appreciating the rock hard abs of her new boss Christian Viera.  She swears that’s as far as it will go until he focuses his dark bedroom eyes on her and unleashes his winning smile. Life at work just got very complicated.


Rock-hard abs.  Bedroom eyes.  “Shifted Under Construction” is a book where the sex is good and hot. Unfortunately, it is also very light in the story department.  Its predictable storyline means that those readers looking for substance in their romance will be disappointed. 

Harper Mattox and Christian Viera are one-dimensional characters in a one-dimensional world whose only connection is physical.   Ms. Black does not take the opportunity to develop the sexual tension between her characters and as such the reader does not get to experience the delight of two characters getting to know each other on every level.   “Shifted Under Construction” needs to give Harper and Christian the time they need to make a believable and passionate bond.

Ms. Black's prose is good and she does add some unique twists in her telling of the story - there is talent galore here. Unfortunately, there is also a missed opportunity for real, creative eroticism with a compelling and believable storyline.   Ms. Black should feel encouraged to give full reign to her talent and flesh out those sexy characters with more depth and emotion.

Gwenellen Tarbet