Reviews - Young Adult / New Adult

Amelia, called Mia by friends and family, has just turned fifteen and has found out that growing a year older is bringing a lot of changes. The biggest is that she is a witch and has a familiar named Gumshoe.

Dead Girl

PARANORMAL: Ember O’Neill has been bullied her entire life and has only ever wanted to fit in and have friends. She believes this year is going to be different, and decides to dress differently. Ember makes a new friend with the new girl in school, but despite that, the bullying continues.

Wiccan Mirror

PARANORMAL: Isis and Zack have been through a lot in their teenage lives. Nothing is quite like what hits them next, though! When the Witches of Vegas return for a reunion show, Isis finds herself being accused of murdering someone from her past. The person she needs the most, Zack, is abducted.

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Shaun Treadway is a 17-year-old boy who is used to being in trouble. Shaun adores his mother, and has tried many times to protect her from her abusive husband. When her husband’s latest beating lands her in the hospital, Shaun has had enough and sets fire to their home while the husband is drunk and passed out.

What We Hide

Veronica Campbell has pushed her father’s final limits. As a result of her troubled ways since her mother’s death, she’s sent to the boarding school, Evergreen, to fix her behavior. At Evergreen, Ronnie finds consolation in the charming Will Tucker; however, this only lands her in more trouble as she ends up fighting with a powerful mean girl clique at the school.