Dead Girl

Young Adult

PARANORMAL: Ember O’Neill has been bullied her entire life and has only ever wanted to fit in and have friends. She believes this year is going to be different, and decides to dress differently. Ember makes a new friend with the new girl in school, but despite that, the bullying continues. When a prank by one of her bullies goes horrible wrong at a party, Ember is brought back from the brink of death. Her life changes after that, and she manages to snag the new kid as a boyfriend instead of the drama queen. Ember loves and adores her father, who is murdered by a creature that she has never seen before. After the death of her father and the dreams she keeps having, she questions her entire life… and if she is human.

“Dead Girl” is a young adult paranormal story that brings heartache to those who have experienced bullying before. Kerrie Faye, the author, has created a unique and brilliant stor line that will hold the reader’s attention to the end, as Ember discovers who she truly is. Ms. Faye has created complex and strong characters, especially Ember, who has always been powerful, but never knew the truth. The reader will feel the story for her at times and will want to cry as she continually tries to fit in and make friends. When the Order sends an assassin to kill Ember, she must use her powers to protect herself and her friends – but risks losing everything. The reader will cheer her on as she finally stands up for herself and her friends. This tale will leave readers wanting to know more – especially about Ember’s father. An intriguing and fascinating story!

Victoria Zumbrum