What We Hide

Young Adult

Veronica Campbell has pushed her father’s final limits. As a result of her troubled ways since her mother’s death, she’s sent to the boarding school, Evergreen, to fix her behavior. At Evergreen, Ronnie finds consolation in the charming Will Tucker; however, this only lands her in more trouble as she ends up fighting with a powerful mean girl clique at the school. When the mean girls use a Ouija board to call upon Veronica’s mother, a dead soul comes through from the other side. Ronnie must do what she can to make up for her mother’s death, which she feels is her own fault. However, this ghostly being might not actually be her mother, but another angry soul.

Suspense, ghosts, high school drama and a tinge of romance make for a thrilling read that will keep one flipping the pages in fearful haste toward the satisfying conclusion. The plot is so full of twists, it will shock readers to their core. The sudden shift from teenage turmoil to paranormal suspense could’ve used a smoother transition, but the suspense makes the book much more interesting. After the paranormal theme is revealed, readers will be on the edge of their seats while they try to solve the puzzle. A bit more of the romance between Ronnie and Will would’ve been better, since it feels a bit dry just before the climax. The character development for the main character, however, is perfect. The other characters’ development is lacking throughout the novel. Regardless, readers will not want to put down this novel as they’re carried through this intense world of mystery solving.

Austen Grace