Gumshoe goes to a Quincenera

Young Adult

Amelia, called Mia by friends and family, has just turned fifteen and has found out that growing a year older is bringing a lot of changes. The biggest is that she is a witch and has a familiar named Gumshoe. Gumshoe is not your typical pet, he is a seal point Siamese cat and in his last life he was a private eye, in the 1940’s.  When Mia is not busy with school and life as a fifteen-year-old, she is also helping Gumshoe figure out what happened to his human family after his murder. But first, her and Gumshoe find themselves working together to solve a murder in their town, find out who is hurting her friend Tiffany and prepare all the food for Tiffanys upcoming Quinceanera. No big deal for this magical duo, it's just another day in the magical lives of Mia and Gumshoe. 

Do not let the idea of the young main character and a talking cat chase you away from this magical caper. While Mia is young the story is not afraid to cover real things that happen in the lives of teens. The book covers topics such as physical abuse, drug abuse and relationship abuse and does so in a way that relates to both the age of the characters and the real problems their lives might encounter. This book is part of a series and is enjoyable fun read for any age group who is looking for something fun that makes you think about the clues and hope you can solve the mystery alongside Mia and Gumshoe. 

Valerie Vicars