Recent Reviews

Rinnie Noelle is a high school teenager who is also a member of the PSI Fighters, a group of secret guardians with psychic abilities that they use along with high tech gadgets to defend the innocent.

WESTERN:  After surviving a heinous attack that left her walking with a cane, Tess Carlisle needs to find the whereabouts of her father, whom she hasn’t heard from for two years. However, Hank Carlisle’s world is civil.

Rescued by dragon shifters as a child, Emma Sinclair has settled into adult life as a maker of jewelry and has no idea that the Universe fashioned her as the mate of the “Special One”.

The Comfort of Black

Growing up with an abusive father, Hannah Parks knows the pain and suffering the family goes through. When she watches her husband, Dallin, become distant and uncommunicative, she knows something is wrong.

Alie McCull’s stepson has been accused of a savage murder and is compelled to clear his name. Due to the corruption in two government agencies her stepson is being used as the scapegoat to cover up their perfidy.