Lust: Book Two of the Shadow Keepers Series

Jas T.


SCI-FI/PARANORMAL:  Mackenzie Miller is a survivor who has navigated the dangers and pitfalls of an uncaring foster care system and life on the streets.  However, nothing in her short life can prepare her for her own murder and resurrection.  When she learns that she now shares her body with the spirit of Lust, her former life seems like a walk in the park. Terrified and confused, she is left with no choice but to put her trust in a man named Reno and the organization he works for, known as ‘The Grid’.  


“Lust” is a welcome and creative addition to the paranormal genre.  Its unique storyline and well-constructed characters draw the reader into its complex tale from page one.

The story’s complexity does at times prove to be its downfall.  Its necessarily elaborate backstory and multitude of characters sometimes force the reader to refer back to previously read sections in order to understand some elements of the story. Despite this, the author does an admirable job balancing back story without subjecting the reader to needless exposition.  There are no typical run-of-the-mill paranormal creatures in this novel.  Ms. Wards boundless imagination provides for a rich and exciting experience from page one.  “Lust” is a novel that defies convention and where no one and nothing is what the reader expects it will be. Engrossing and entertaining, this book demands more than one reading.

Gwenellen Tarbet