Sundown (Nightwalkers Western Romance Book 1) 



WESTERN:  Holden Jenkins’ life was cursed before his birth.  Half-human, half-vampire he is a being who exists in the twilight, eternally at war with his twinned nature. When his adopted grandmother is brutally murdered, Holden becomes “Sundown”.  His purpose in life is to find and kill every vampire in the land, until he meets a woman named Clover.


Clover has lived her life in a bordello.  Kept away from the life of a working girl by her aunt, she finds herself drawn to Sundown, in whom she senses a deep abiding passion.  Together they may have a chance of surmounting the prejudices of the townsfolk and the tragedy of their own pasts.

Fans of Western novels will enjoy “Sundown”.  The classic tale of love and redemption in the west goes well with its paranormal elements.  Sundown is easily relatable as a character who struggles with a past not of his own making.

Equal treatment was not afforded to women in this novel as they are characterized as either working girls or fine upstanding women with accompanying expositional moralizing by the main character.  As such, the opportunity for Clover to develop into a three-dimensional character was lost. Ms. Lucas shows a real flair for writing Westerns, adding her fine prose and rich imagination to the mix.  Her fine eye to detail brings the old west to life in a rich and romantic way.

Gwenellen Tarbet