The Unraveling: Wonderland Book 2



FANTASY:  A year ago, Melody’s sister Cadence claimed to have fallen down a rabbit hole and into Lewis Carol’s mythical world of Wonderland.  Their desperate parents turn to Melody hoping that she can help her sister before they are forced to take more drastic measures.  However, when Melody follows a white rabbit into the world of Wonderland, she is forced to admit that her sister’s delusions are very real.


"The Unraveling” is a romantic retelling of the characters and world created in the classic Lewis Carol story.  Re-inventing such classic characters as the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit, Ms. Lewis approaches Wonderland from a fresh perspective.

Unfortunately, the story tries to make sense of the nonsensical.  Attributing such mundane characteristics such as simple love to characters that are inherently insane, robs them of the very characteristics that made them unique in the first place. The denizens of the original “Alice in Wonderland” were not in themselves fully formed characters, but archetypes representing the insanity of the larger society as a whole.

“The Unraveling” contains too many characters with their own motivations, who add nothing to the story as a whole.  Indeed, they serve only to add to the confusion for the reader and in fact make the story unravel.  However, the reader gets the very real sense that there is a true talent behind “The Unraveling” that will shine forth in future work.

Gwenellen Tarbet