Missing (Shifters Unlimited Book 1)



SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Private Investigator Lena Juarez is packing, ready to move on to a new town and a new life when Matthew Philmont comes to her office late one night.  He begs her to find his missing wife Shanae and son Trevor. Despite her misgivings, she agrees to help the desperate man. The trail of the missing woman leads the pair into shifter territory and into the path of the formidable Alpha Leader, Deacon Black who has his own reasons to find Shanae and an almost blinding attraction to Lena Juarez.


An exciting blend of paranormal and good old-fashioned detective novel, “Missing” is a well-crafted, thrilling joy-ride from beginning to end.  The tension and building passion between Lena and Deacon is expertly interwoven into the story and adds to the tension of the search without taking away from the main story.

There is not much new in shifter lore and culture as laid out by the author in this story. Indeed, much of the shifter background as presented is pretty standard fare in most novels of this genre.  As such, some sections seem repetitive to the reader who has read more than one shifter-themed romance. The novel is saved from being average by its well-developed characters, its intelligent plot and its finely crafted prose.  “Missing” is a great experience for both fans of and newcomers to paranormal romance!

Gwenellen Tarbet