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SCI-FI:  Emma Bixby was 12 years old when an alien mist came along and forcefully shoved humans from the top of the food chain straight to the bottom - no passing Go, no collecting $200.

MYSTERY:  Hollis McKenna is a collections manager at the Arizona History and Cultural Center when she meets hunky Viking Sveyn Hansen at a romance novel convention.

Where Dragonflies Hover

There is something very special about the run-down Georgian mansion in Yorkshire that Lexi just can’t ignore.  It makes no sense, even to her - especially since her husband is so set against it.  But as L

Kelsey Conklin had no idea what she was getting into when she decided to help the frazzled father of a screaming child at Target.  With two small children of her own, it is all she can do to make ends mee

Lord Bachelor
Tammy L.

Lord Edmund Rushwood is on the hunt for a wife that comes from money and a good pedigree in order to save his inheritance.