Lord Bachelor

Tammy L.

Lord Edmund Rushwood is on the hunt for a wife that comes from money and a good pedigree in order to save his inheritance. While on holiday in the USA, Edmund becomes smitten with a sassy cocktail waitress he meets in Portland. Abby Forester is helping her friend Tommy cover at his bar, and although she makes good tips, her main focus is her deceased father's record store, and helping out elderly Alzheimer's patients. In the meantime, Edmund agrees to do a dating style reality television show. After meeting Abby, he realizes that his heart is not in it.  He's falling for a woman that could cost him his entire inheritance and the life he has known up to this point. Can Lord Bachelor find love in time or upon his twenty-sixth birthday will he loose it all?


Ms. Bailey has a wonderfully written, fun romantic tale. The story takes place in current time and a familiar scene seemingly plucked from current reality TV. Although not a unique idea for a story it is fun and well thought out. The main characters have an undeniable connection and the supporting cast makes the entire story work to its full potential. The rich Lord and the beauty who has nothing is often used; however in this story, the depiction of rescue is not what readers will expect. The quick wit, the fun banter and references to women’s literature is a great addition. “Lord Bachelor” is a fun summer read and not as predictable as some may think. The ending has a twist; chalk another one up for the fairy Godmother!


Viola Robins