Where Dragonflies Hover


There is something very special about the run-down Georgian mansion in Yorkshire that Lexi just can’t ignore.  It makes no sense, even to her - especially since her husband is so set against it.  But as Lexi’s already troubled marriage disintegrates she decides to take the gamble, purchase the house and fix it up.  Upon exploring the grounds, she finds an old diary that tells the haunting love story of the man who once owned the home, the love of his life and the war that threatened to take it all.  


As Lexi’s life continues to fall apart, can a home and a story of long ago give her the courage she needs to overcome the challenges that threaten to overwhelm her and grasp the happiness she deserves? 


This book tells two individual stories - one, a modern day romance that has tragically hit the rocks and the second, a WWI forbidden love story that endures the very worst.  Both stories are enthralling - so much so that it is somewhat disappointing each cannot be given their own entire book.  As it is, we are given only glimpses of the depth that exists in each, leaving the reader wishing for more on both accounts.  This is especially noticeable in the reconciliation near the end.  Still, both are subtly tied together and compliment the overall flow. The writing is especially poignant when describing the combat life of a nurse in the middle of WWI. For those who enjoy a rich historical tale that blends with modern day reality, this one is definitely a choice to savor!


Ruth Lynn Ritter