An Unexpected Viking: Sveyn & Hollis: Part One (The Hansen series, #13)


MYSTERY:  Hollis McKenna is a collections manager at the Arizona History and Cultural Center when she meets hunky Viking Sveyn Hansen at a romance novel convention. She’d love to introduce him to her co-workers - except that Sveyn is neither alive nor dead.  He was flesh and blood back in 1070, but after a fatal stabbing on the battleground, he now exists in a dimension outside of her own. Hollis struggles to figure out why Sveyn is the way he is, why he’s appeared to her, and, since she’s falling in love with him, if there’s a way to end his centuries-long manifestations by bringing him into her dimension. 


A wonderfully written contemporary romance spiced with a delightful paranormal twist and topped with a bit of suspense, this is a story that will have readers begging for more! Ghost stories have been told since time immortal, but Ms. Tualla has forged her own path with a new exciting take on the spectral. There’s nothing ethereal about Hollis and Sveyn as they step off the page with a larger than life vigor and zest so pronounced it’s a shock to learn they don’t actually occupy the same room as the reader. The story flows smooth as silk with only a few snags where the pacing lags slightly and while their situation doesn’t yet have a solid resolution, the vibrant characterization and intriguing plot more than make up for those slight flaws. Heart-melting and cheer-inducing this is one romance that will go the distance and stand the test of time!


Carol Conley