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Delirious with fever, Hettie Fairfax stumbles into a graveyard with one thing on her mind: she must tell Captain Stuart Monroe that the treasure he seeks is cursed!

Wanting to catapult her career to become a legitimate journalist, tabloid columnist Serefina Benenati is in hot pursuit to nail down the facts of a recent unsolved murder.

Beneath The Lake

TIME TRAVEL:  Angry and hurt, Lacey Montgomery runs out of her friend’s party in rural Georgia and straight into a time portal.  Bobby Reynolds is everyone woman’s dream in 1949 but he’s suddenly taken with Lacy Montgomery, and a

Frequent cancellations give flight attendant Rayne Jackson time to investigate international cities.  Delta Force member, Keane “Ghost” Bryson is living a secret life in service for his country.  When the two meet in a London air

Not only was Vietnam a historic point in American history, it was momentous for SEAL team member Jack “Cowboy” Kerr.  Cowboy’s boots and jeans might have given rise to his name but his city-slicker upbringing didn’t prepare him f