Untamable Lover (Warriors of Lemuria)


Aramie is the second in command of the Lemurian panther pack, under the wounded leader Demir. She is an independent woman - an unacceptable role in the pack - as women should submit to a mate. Aramie plans to never be mated. The Lemurian and Gossum are tools in a battle fought by Lemurians to gain control of Earth. A challenge between ex-lovers, Alora and Zedron, to colonize the planet and gain control of the precious water that the planet of Lemuria desperately needs. 


A complex plot plays out quite smoothly under the deft hands of author Rosalie Redd. The complexity of the different players within the mystical game being played out is very intriguing, and draws their different plot lines together over the span of the novel. The key is complex. There is an incredible storyline in play that requires an understanding of each individual character; thankfully Ms. Redd gives every character dutiful attention. The fantasy world of Lemuria is beautifully described and earth is given the attention necessary to make the tale plausible. Essentially this is a well-crafted tale of good versus evil. This book easily stood alone, thus no requirement to read book one. The romantic entanglements are the threads that strongly connect to the first book, so worth following. Aramie and Demir make a most interesting couple. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto