Witches (Runes #6)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Raine Cooper is not your average teen girl; in the past few weeks she has learned she is an immortal seer and a witch with some outrageous power. She also happens to be dating an immortal hunk, Torin St. James. Her and her friends try to live life normally, but reality for them is skewed to the incredibly strange. One minute she is changing a classmate’s destiny, the next she is fighting possessed bears in the forest, all the while dreaming of her prom dress. Now the Norns are coming to stake their claim on her and she wants nothing of their ways and demands. Unfortunately, she must protect the world in the process of fighting the Norns and all other immortals who seek to harm her and prevent her from living life as she wishes. 


While not the first in the series, "Witches" is able to stand alone as Ms. Walters is quite adept at telling an intriguing story with plenty of action and interesting characters. The mystical life that Raine leads is a perfect addition to the reading list of people from 15 to 100. The plot is clear and provides plenty of action to keep the reader attached to the story. Alas, there are a number of editorial errors that do detract from the reading enjoyment factor. These can easily be altered and the dreamy romantic novel will be a great addition to the existing series. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto