Unstoppable (Fierce Hearts 5)


The community of Laurelwood has been rocked hard by the Project Powering fiasco, handled by the Nexus Group and Senator Daren Sage. Veterinarian Lara Monroe seeks to protect her community, but must also hide her identity as a were-bobcat. The Nexus Group has revealed the existence of the colony cats to the world, making Lara and her kind into vicious creatures, who want nothing more than to destroy humanity. The reality is much worse and Lara’s colony plans to prevent this disaster at all costs. In the mix is Doctor Booker Chase, a were-lynx and fellow colony cat, and he could either heal or break Lara’s fragile heart. 


Ms. Crandall blends a special aspect into her stories - the fact that all of her lead characters have suffered from a trauma that they are trying to overcome. Unfortunately, at times these exterior traumas detract from the already complicated plot line that is playing out. First off, this is not truly a standalone story. It is highly recommended to read the previous Fierce Hearts stories to understand the complex plot that involves the colony cats and Nexus Group. There is definitely an intense amount of thought put into crafting this series and each individual tale. This particular tale brings intense action, strong characters, and deftly crafted story lines that drawn together create a strong story. The amount of intrigue that is an overlying factor in this story keeps the reader on their tippy toes, hoping for the perfect outcome. The character interactions are beautifully crafted, which makes the finite details all that more enjoyable. Thank heavens for happy endings!


Penelope Anne Bartotto