The Fearless Highlander (Highland Defender #1)


Come along on the adventures of Charlotte Hill, the prim daughter of Colonel Hill, commander at Fort Hill. Upon meeting an ill highlander in the surgery, where she assists army physician, Dr. Munro, she discovers what it means to truly feel passion. Her heart is sent aflutter upon seeing the massive man shackled to the cot, and soon all reason leaves her head. Hugh MacIain MacDonald is a proud man and a strong one. His clan and family are everything to him and he fights fiercely to get back to them after being tortured by the King’s army. Alas, while within the confines of the fort he also comes into contact with a young lady who will forever change his heart. 


"The Fearless Highlander" is a true adventure of the greatest kind that brings together intrigue, bravado, and love in their purest forms! Every character, from the skeevy surgeon to the brave clan members fighting for survival, is deftly described, bringing them to life on the page. The love story is pure and beautiful, while facing adversity from every direction. In addition, the attention to detail by the author in bringing a true story to life in a fictional recounting is superb. The reader is drawn into every situation and emotion, truly investing themselves into a story of passion and perseverance. Top notch, not to be missed, this is a marvelous beginning to a series that begs to be read, and read again. 


Penelope Anne Bartotto