Recent Reviews

Lady Brittany Sexton is quite fascinated with the country of Africa. Having a large collection of books on the subject, she can’t wait to add the newest tome to her library, which will help her in drafting her compendium on the country to help future explorers.

Chase Weston led a golden life playing in the NFL until he blew out his knee.  Now he must find something else to occupy his time. Returning to Atlanta and starting a non-profit athletic program to benefit low-income kids is his dream, but he needs help.

The Lost Concerto

Maggie O’Shea has withdrawn from life and her music as a concert pianist, after the death of her husband and best friend.  She can't believe that her godson is dead as well.  His body was never found, and she will never give up trying to find him.

When news arrives that lifelong family friends of the de Shera’s, the De Morays, are in trouble, the de Sheras waste no time in offering their assistance.

PARANORMAL:  Emallya wants a simple life – a man to love and a family to cherish – just like what her parents have. It is something that can be difficult to find in the midst of the War of Fire.  She knows she is a dragon rider, knows this every time she hears the call of the dragons of Gadrilene. But she vacillates, until events in her life make the decision for her.