A New Beginning: (Tales from Galdrilene #1)

Young Adult

PARANORMAL:  Emallya wants a simple life – a man to love and a family to cherish – just like what her parents have. It is something that can be difficult to find in the midst of the War of Fire.  She knows she is a dragon rider, knows this every time she hears the call of the dragons of Gadrilene. But she vacillates, until events in her life make the decision for her.

It gives one a taste of what is yet to come for the Emallya after her village is attacked.  The author describes the destruction and desolation the heroine feels and the way she is torn between what she wants for herself and what will bring honor to her family. It is her rite of passage and a precursor for what to expect when she trains. Unfortunately, this is all there is to it. The book only skims the surface – a foreshadowing of the trials Emallya will face, and the brief insight into her possible love interest. While the author may have included the Prologue of the next book as a teaser, it still leaves so many unanswered questions as to what transpired in the time between Emallya’s training and what caused the defeat of the dragon riders.

There is no doubt that the author writes well; nevertheless, this book might leave the reader hanging and unsatisfied. It may be better for this to be an accompaniment to Ms. Trosper’s Gadrilene series. 

 M.P. Ceja