Pants on Fire: Chase and Suze, Reunited Lovers (Southern Seductions Book 2)

J. A.

Chase Weston led a golden life playing in the NFL until he blew out his knee.  Now he must find something else to occupy his time. Returning to Atlanta and starting a non-profit athletic program to benefit low-income kids is his dream, but he needs help. Someone who knows the ins and outs and the legalities of such a program. That someone is Suzanne (Suze) Collier, the woman whose heart he broke long ago. Will she be able to set aside past hurts, and help him to realize his dream?


Suzanne Collier is a socialite and a charity event planner with experience under her belt. Surprised at one such event when Chase Weston shows up uninvited, Suze realizes she still has the hots for him.  Maybe helping him with his dream will help her get revenge for him breaking her heart - not to mention that having hot sex just to get him out of her system is a win-win. 


This story has the potential to be an amazing "second chance at love" tale. While the reuniting of old relationships works in this book, the story itself gets lost in the lust by both the main characters. They can’t seem to accomplish anything without wanting to jump each other’s bones. Both characters also use way too many references to football plays so they become tedious and redundant. Editing, while not a major issue, does need to be revisited. This is a story for fans of sports and hot, steamy, second-chance love stories.


Lynne Bryant