The Lost Concerto


Maggie O’Shea has withdrawn from life and her music as a concert pianist, after the death of her husband and best friend.  She can't believe that her godson is dead as well.  His body was never found, and she will never give up trying to find him. When a CD of music from years past and an old photograph show up at her door, life will come crashing down upon her.  She will travel to France to find the answers to her husband's death, her best friend’s murder, and the fate of her godson. Beliefs from her past will prove to be untrue, and that photograph will shove her straight into untold danger.


Holy smokes, this story takes a reader on an intriguing journey! There are twists and turns that one never sees coming, making this a real page turner. Even after having to set it down for a few days, one will pick it back up and be sucked right back in. Mystery, murder, intrigue, terrorism, stolen music and artifacts….there is a lot going on in this story, but Ms. Mario keeps the flow going so well that it’s easy to keep track of all the players. Maggie is heartbroken but finds the strength she needs even in the face of danger, and a love interest to help her find her way back to life…sigh. Brava Ms. Mario, Brava!!!


Lynne Bryant