The Thunder Knight: Book Three in the Lords of Thunder: The de Shera Brotherhood Trilogy

Le Veque

When news arrives that lifelong family friends of the de Shera’s, the De Morays, are in trouble, the de Sheras waste no time in offering their assistance. The fact that the De Morays fight for King Henry the III, and the de Shera brothers fight for Simon de Montfort, it has never come between them….but it just might, when Tiberius de Shera sets eyes on the beautiful Lady Douglas de Moray. It doesn’t take long for feelings to develop, but how can Tiberius and Lady Douglas be together, when their families' political loyalties are divided? Whose loyalty will Tiberius be given? Will he follow Lady Douglas and fight for the king, betraying his much beloved family in the process?


Aaahhh…what a conclusion to a wonderful trilogy! Ms. Le Veque has a masterful way with story. There is political intrigue, plot twists that will astound, betrayal (or is there?), love, loss…it’s all there, for one to absorb. One may even need a tissue or three. The love between Tiberius, who is totally drool-worthy by the way, and Lady Douglas is on the insta-love side, but does it really matter? Nope, it doesn’t. This series does need to be read in order, but one won’t be sorry having to read the whole trilogy. Ms. Le Veque may now add a lifelong fan to her list! 


Lynne Bryant