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Only Time Will Tell

Susannah Walsh has convinced herself she has nothing left to live for. Seriously injured in an accident that left her twin children dead, her marriage falls apart after she catches her husband having sex with his male partner. Overwhelmed, suicide on her mind, she feels a sharp blow to the head and she finds herself waking in the year 1905. 

REGENCY:  The Baxendale family is in financial distress and the only way their father can see to get out of this mess is to marry his daughters off to titled, wealthy men - regardless of his daughter’s feelings towards said men.

Cassiopeia Graham is a thorn in the Minister of War director’s side.

Miranda Steele is on her honeymoon to Maui with her new husband, Parker. They have both agreed to put work on hold and there will be no mystery solving on this trip - no matter what happens.

PARANORMAL:  Scout has enough to deal with fighting for her life alongside her on-again, off-again boyfriend Trey—she has to battle the forces of hell who have stolen her family’s souls. Doing it all on the back of her maybe suicidal, maybe thrill-seeking unicorn, Ashra, just adds another unique aspect to the already strange situation.