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Beauty and the Beast

FAIRYTALE:  Once upon a time there was a cruel young Prince named Leopold.

Been Searching For You

Annabeth is a professional in a PR firm, having worked her way up and proven herself, but at 33 she longs to find her soulmate.  She’s been writing him a letter every year on her birthday since she was 16

Ojinjinktka and Matoskah are running away from the Sioux reservation in 1881 Nebraska. They rename themselves Rose and Pete, but that is the only easy part of their journey.

Across the Red
Ken Famer,
Buck Stienke

Bodie is a Texas Ranger whose area is being plagued by a violent gang of rustlers who have no problems killing anyone in their way, including Bodie’s young apprentice.

VICTORIAN:  Judith’s sister has been carried off right in front of her, and the man who stayed behind isn’t saying much - only doing a search of every nook and cranny in her house.