Virtually Impossible (Once and Forever Book 2)


Andi is happy with her life as a virtual assistant. Too bad she can’t use her real name due to some youthful indiscretions that had to do with hacking. She borrows her friend’s name when she is working and so far, becoming Sara has worked out. After all, they never meet their clients face-to-face. That changes when she begins working for shipping magnate Hayden Bennett. It all begins so innocently with chats during the day. Then begin the phone calls and the flirting. Next he requests a meeting. Andi refuses, but Hayden is persistent – he’s used to getting what he wants and he wants “Sara”. How can Andi meet Hayden when he doesn’t even know her real name? 


This is a hilarious tale of a man determined to get his woman. Hayden and Andi are characters rich with morals, yet they can’t resist the magnetism that exists between them. There are one or two plot twists that make for some serious times, but the spunky Andi and straight-thinking Hayden are able to overcome all. The minor characters aren’t as developed as one would hope, but they are there to support the main players and they do that well. It’s a unique romance, because most of it takes place over the internet, but the emotions of both involved are very real and sincere. This is a fun page-turner that is difficult to put down once started!


Belinda Wilson