Forever in Darkness Collection

Susan Zoe

The Ricochet gang is known for being non-violent until one of their young members is assaulted and killed in cold blood by a dirty cop. The murder starts a war between the peace-seeking Ricochets and the dirty cops as well a crazed G.I. named Mason. When Mason’s ex-girlfriend is taken hostage, he becomes a one-man army against the gang. Shiloh is almost relieved when she is taken, because Mason is obsessed with her and won’t let her go. When gang member Rebar sees her, it is love at first sight. What follows is a bloody war that claims lives on both sides while Rebar and Shiloh explore their newfound love.


This is a fast-paced sizzling adventure that is hard to put down! Both Darkness novels are here in one volume - "Ricochet" and "Recoil". The main characters are the gang members and their virtues outnumber their flaws. There is so much depth and richness to these characters! Ms. Bella does an outstanding job capturing the essence of darkness in this novel. There are several very emotional scenes that brought this reviewer to tears. During the car chase, it feels as though the reader is along for the ride on that suicidal stretch of road. This is a novel that grabs the reader from the very beginning and leaves one hungering for more when the last page is turned!


Belinda Wilson